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Intelligent Systems with Robots

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The aim of this study program is to educate graduates with good theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to participate in the construction of modern control systems, as well as their implementation and operation. Thus, the aim of the field is not to teach students to design the robots themselves or their control systems, but to gain sufficient knowledge of basic production processes and creative abilities to apply the above-mentioned automation elements at the user level. The specialization "Intelligent systems with robots" reflects the current trends of the industrial environment to apply mechatronic and robotic systems in the design and implementation of production lines as much as possible, which clearly achieves a significantly higher degree of complex automation. In both specializations, the connecting element is the issue of information technology, both in terms of hardware and software.

Admission requirements

The requirement for admission to study is the achievement of a full secondary or a full secondary vocational education (see § 48, paragraph 1 of the Act on Higher Education). Applicants prove it by submitting an officially certified copy of the graduation certificate, which the applicants deliver by post or deliver in person to the FAI Study Department no later than on the day of enrollment in the study. Foreign nationals who did not obtain their secondary education in the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic shall prove it by submitting an officially certified copy of the nostrification clause pursuant to Decree No. 12/2005 Coll. Applicants - foreign nationals (except citizens of the Slovak Republic) who have graduated from foreign high schools or universities (except Slovak schools), prove their readiness to study in the Czech language by submitting an officially certified proof of the graduation exam or state exam in the Czech language or a certificate of Czech language. Applicants must deliver these documents no later than the date of enrollment in the study.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

The graduate will gain a deeper education in industrial robotics, i.e., applying all available kinematically different mechatronic and robotic systems directly in the environment of production lines and control of material flows in them. The graduate will gain knowledge and experience with design and especially application possibilities of individual robotic elements and will be able to program their control systems to optimize their actual deployment.

Expected career prospects

The graduate of this study program will study the ability at the bachelor's level to apply their comprehensive knowledge in the field of measurement, control, and complex automation of production processes and production lines in various industries. He will be able to participate in the implementation of complex automation systems. Graduates can also apply in IT positions, are capable of independent programming and system work associated with computer technology, and participate in the creation of management projects and production and sales organizations.


Year of validity: 2022

Compulsory Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSSeminar of MathematicsExamination8
1ZSSoftware Support of Engineering ComputationClassified course credit (exam)3
1ZSHardware and Operating SystemsClassified course credit (exam)4
1ZSProgramming MethodsClassified course credit (exam)5
1ZSIntroduction to Material SciencesExamination4
1ZSRobotics Laboratory 1Course credit1
1LSAutomatic ControlExamination7
1LSMechanics in Robotic SystemsExamination5
1LSData Transfer and Storage SystemsClassified course credit (exam)5
1LSManaging Material FlowsCourse credit4
1LSSeminar of PhysicsExamination7
1LSBranch LaboratoryClassified course credit (exam)2
2ZSSelected Chapters in MathematicsExamination6
2ZSObject-oriented ProgrammingClassified course credit (exam)4
2ZSPLC ProgrammingExamination6
2ZSInstrumentation and MeasurementExamination6
2ZSMechatronic SystemsExamination6
2ZSRobotics Laboratory 2Course credit2
2LSHeat ProcessesExamination6
2LSContinuous ControlExamination6
2LSProduction Management and LogisticsClassified course credit (exam)4
2LSConstruction of Robots and ManipulatorsExamination6
3ZSFluid MechanicsExamination5
3ZSEmbedded Systems with MicrocomputersExamination5
3ZSTechnical Means of AutomationExamination5
3ZSAnalog and Digital TechnologyExamination6
3ZSActuators of Mechatronics SystemsExamination5
3ZSTerm ProjectCourse credit1
3LSProgramming and Application of Industrial Robots and ManipulatorsExamination5
3LSCAD Systems in Electrical EngineeringClassified course credit (exam)3
3LSProgramming of Mobile ApplicationsClassified course credit (exam)5
3LSSoftskillsCourse credit2
3LSBachelor ThesisCourse credit17

Sport Activity - Compulsory-optional Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
Sports Activity - AerobicsCourse credit1
Sports Activity - American footballCourse credit1
Sports Activity - BadmintonCourse credit1
Sports Activity - BoxingCourse credit1
Sports Activity - CyclingCourse credit1
Sports Activity - FloorballCourse credit1
Sports Activity - GolfCourse credit1
Sports Activity - (Mountain) ClimbingCourse credit1
Sports Activity - Indoor CyclingCourse credit1
Sports Activity - Roller SkatingCourse credit1
Sports Activity - KendoCourse credit1
Sports Activity - Summer CourseCourse credit1
Skiing and Snowboarding AbroadCourse credit1
Sports Activity - SwimmingCourse credit1
Sports Activity - Self-defenceCourse credit1
Sports Activity - Indoor SoccerCourse credit1
TableTennisCourse credit1
Sports Activity - TennisCourse credit1
Sports Activity - Tai Chi ChuanCourse credit1
Sports Activity - TaekwondoCourse credit1
Sports Activity - VolleyballCourse credit1
Sports Activity - Health-related PT/PECourse credit1
LSSports Activity - Summer CourseCourse credit1