Faculty of Technology

Environmental Engineering

Educational goals

The aim of the study programme is to educate engineers able to solve problems associated with the protection and creation of the environment and design and operation of environmental technologies, both in industrial and laboratory conditions, as well as in the field of administration and state administration.

Connection to other degree programmes

The study programme Environmental Engineering follows on from the bachelor's study programme Materials and Technologies, specifically its specialization Environmental Protection. After completing the study programme Environmental Engineering, graduates have the opportunity to continue in the doctoral study programme Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection or also in the study programme Chemistry and Technology of Materials accredited at the Faculty of Technology, UTB in Zlín.

Admission requirements

One of the conditions for admission to study in a Master's programme is the due completion of study a Bachelor's programme. The rules for admissions and the conditions for admission to study are laid down in the relevant regulation issued by the Faculty of technology in compliance with the Higher Education Act.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

Graduates of the master's degree programme in this program will be able to apply knowledge from a relatively wide range of fields related to environmental protection, and thus become experts with a wide range of applications. In practice, they will be able to independently analyze and solve problems related to environmental protection, formulate the necessary conclusions and justify these to the professional and lay public. The completed scientific and technical subjects, together with complementary disciplines, will enable graduates to apply in a wide range of companies, state institutions, and non-governmental organizations, in positions related to the protection and creation of the environment. These are mainly positions of technicians and technologists in industrial conditions, workers in testing and analytical laboratories, positions in state administration dealing with the environmental protection, in the field of environmentally oriented research and development and possibly also in other technical and administrative positions. Graduates can also find an employment in consulting and certification organizations dealing with the environmental legislation and environmental management systems.

Expected career prospects

For many years, graduates have been continuously employed in a wide range of positions in waste management companies, companies providing water management services, various analytical and testing laboratories, positions of environmentalists in industrial and construction companies, and positions of technologists. Furthermore, graduates find an employment in the state administration, starting with the ministry, organizations managed by the ministry such as the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, the Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection, Cenia and others, environmental departments of regional and municipal authorities.


Year of validity: 2024

Compulsory Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSProcesses in Environmental TechnologiesExamination5
1ZSPlastics Recycling/Recyklace plastůExamination5
1ZSEnvironmental Geology IIExamination4
1ZSEnvironmental ToxicologyExamination2
1ZSAdvanced Methods of Analytical Chemistry IClassified course credit (exam)5
1ZSAdvanced Methods of Analytical Chemistry IIExamination3
1ZSWater Technology IIExamination6
1LSEnglish in Environmental EngineeringExamination2
1LSBiotechnology for Environmental ProtectionExamination4
1LSEnvironmental AnalysisExamination4
1LSIndividual Project ICourse credit2
1LSLaboratory of Environmental AnalysisClassified course credit (exam)4
1LSMolecular BiologyExamination5
1LSAir Protection Technology IIExamination5
1LSBranch SeminarCourse credit1
1LSTechnological Practice in Environmental Protection IICourse credit3
2ZSAcademic Skills in EnglishClassified course credit (exam)2
2ZSBusiness Activities IIExamination2
2ZSMaster Thesis ICourse credit7
2ZSEnvironmental Impact AssessmentClassified course credit (exam)1
2ZSInformatics in Environmental ProtectionClassified course credit (exam)2
2ZSIndividual Project IICourse credit2
2ZSBiotechnology in Waste ManagementCourse credit1
2ZSControl of Technological ProcessesExamination4
2ZSTechnological ExcursionsCourse credit2
2ZSTechnological Practice in Environmental Protection IIIClassified course credit (exam)7
2LSMaster Thesis IICourse credit29
2LSSeminary from Environmental LegislationCourse credit1