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Biomaterials and Cosmetics

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Educational goals

The aim is to prepare specialists for selected fields of the chemical, materials, biomedical and cosmetic industries. It educates experts for technological, control and management functions in companies engaged in the production and processing of biomaterials, cosmetics and raw materials or ingredients intended for them. It is designed so that its graduates are also specialists for work in research, development and business organizations, education, government, companies and institutions of cosmetic focus and in companies focusing on biomaterials and products prepared from them. Based on the latest knowledge of science and research, teaching expands theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in the field of chemistry, technology and applications of these substances. The emphasis is also placed on the evaluation and testing. The field of study also includes subjects building competence within the framework of certification and legislative requirements for cosmetics, biomaterials and medical devices/products, as well as subjects developing the language and managerial skills of graduates.

Connection to other degree programmes

The study programme follows on from the bachelor's study programme Materials and Technology with a specialization in Biomaterials and Cosmetics, taught at the Faculty of Technology, TBU in Zlín. At present, the program is partly a continuation of the bachelor's study programme in Chemistry and Food Technology, the study field of Technology for the Production of Fats, Cosmetics and Detergents. Another follow-up is the doctoral degree. Students have the opportunity to continue in the doctoral study programme P3924 Materials Science and Engineering, in the field of study 3911V040 Biomaterials and Biocomposites and in the study programme P3972 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, study field 3942V006 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials accredited at TBU in Zlín.

Admission requirements

One of the conditions for admission to study in a Master's programme is the due completion of study a Bachelor's programme. The rules for admissions and the conditions for admission to study are laid down in the relevant regulation issued by the Faculty of technology in compliance with the Higher Education Act.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

Graduates of the study programme are chemical engineers, whose knowledge also covers selected areas of materials, bioengineering and cosmetics. The composition of the subjects included in the study programme will enable students to further deepen their knowledge in the physico-chemical and biomaterials field, as well as in the field of cosmetics and detergents. Students will also gain high-quality laboratory skills with the focus on knowledge of modern methods of instrumental analyses and testing of materials. The study programme places a great emphasis on graduates understanding the relationships between biomaterials/cosmetics, their physicochemical properties and biological systems.

Expected career prospects

The competencies acquired in the studied subjects will provide them with opportunities to apply in chemical, biomaterial and cosmetic research and development, where they can work in the functions of research and development workers. Graduates can also obtain job positions of experts and managers in appropriate types of production with the possibility of working in middle and senior management positions and participate in production management and support processes, such as analytical and control laboratories, quality control and management departments or registration and certification departments. Potential industrial employers are mainly companies focusing on the production of cosmetics, whether for personal or industrial use or companies engaged in the development and production of biomaterials and advanced systems for medical applications. Graduates also find an employment in business and consulting organizations, development and research workplaces and state administration.


Year of validity: 2022

Compulsory Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSSpecial Methods of Instrumental AnalysisExamination6
1ZSSpecial Polymers in Biomaterials and CosmeticsExamination6
1ZSApplied Colloid and Surface ChemistryExamination6
1ZSChemistry and Technology of Surface Active Agents II -Examination7
1ZSCosmetics and Biomaterial MicrobiologyExamination4
1LSTesting of Biological Properties of Materials and Omic ApproachesExamination5
1LSExperiment Evaluation IIClassified course credit (exam)2
1LSCharacterization of Polymers Classified course credit (exam)4
1LSLegislation and Quality ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3
2ZSMicrobiology - LaboratoryCourse credit2
2ZSDermal Pharmacology and ImmunologyClassified course credit (exam)3
2ZSMaster Thesis SeminarCourse credit3
2ZSSemester ProjectCourse credit2
2ZSFundamentals of Biophysics, Radiology and Nuclear MedicineExamination4
2LSMaster ThesisCourse credit30

Compulsory-optional Courses I

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSSensory Evulation of CosmeticsClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSChemistry and Technology of Lipids IIExamination6
1LSAnalysis of Cosmetic Raw Materials- LaboratoryClassified course credit (exam)3
2ZSCosmetics and CosmetologyExamination5
2ZSTechnological Practice and Cosmetic FormulationsClassified course credit (exam)3

Compulsory-optional Courses II

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSNanomaterials and NanotechnologyClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSBiomaterials IIExamination5
1LSTexchnology od Ceramic and Metallic BiomaterialsClassified course credit (exam)4
2ZSBiomechanicsClassified course credit (exam)4
2ZSSeparation MethodsExamination4

Compulsory-optional Courses III

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
2ZSAcademic Skills in EnglishClassified course credit (exam)2
2ZSBusiness Activities IIClassified course credit (exam)2