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Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

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Educational goals

A two-year Master's program is a follow-up of a Bachelor's program. There is a deeper study of theoretical and methodical subjects and the practice within the following three specializations: Management and Marketing, Business Administration and Industrial Engineering.

Connection to other degree programmes

The master's degree program in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship is followed by the doctoral degree program in Economics and Management.

Admission requirements

Only the applicants who have completed a Bachelor's degree may be accepted and enrolled in the study. The condition for admission is the successful completion of the entrance exam. The entrance exam is written. The candidate will submit a written essay in English on a selected topic. The scope of the essay is set at 2,500 - 3,000 words.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

The graduate of the degree program Business Administration and Entrepreneurship is professionally prepared for individual areas of business management and a holistic understanding of the economic context in the management of an existing company or the establishment of a business entity. The graduate is characterized by the ability to create and lead new business projects and accept new business challenges. The graduate of this innovative field has knowledge of a wide range of specialized disciplines and can perceive the diversity of the market and its needs, have financial foresight, especially concerning cash flow management, be able to build different teams, including senior management, and have a clear idea. What are the strengths and values? What is the role in various forms of companies and business entities, including service companies and tourism? The fundamental core of the degree program consists of cross-sectional disciplines focused on economics and business management and other related disciplines so that the graduate can hold various positions in middle and senior management positions of companies. Moreover, the appropriate choice of subjects allows specialization in modern business. The program is also suitable for students who plan to start their business projects. The knowledge and skills acquired during the study of this field are a combination of hard and soft skills. Thanks to this, the graduate can evaluate the economic situation of a business entity, map the market potential and capacity of the company, as well as mentally evaluate systemic problems arising from the values and interrelationships that lie within the economic systems. The graduate acquires general knowledge related to the economics and management of the company and is thus destined for a wide range of professions in the middle and senior management of companies. Within the degree program, emphasis is placed on the interconnection of individual business functions and the economic evaluation of managerial decisions. In addition, the graduate gains a holistic view of business in the market environment, which allows him/her to create entirely new business models while considering a specific business mission and unique competencies on the one hand and hidden needs and requirements of the market on the other.

Expected career prospects

The graduate of the degree program is ready to solve highly demanding and complex tasks and activities enshrined in the three fundamental corporate pillars of stability, development and formation of internal forces and position in a competitive market environment. The graduate will be competent for practical application at all managerial and specialized professional functions in industrial enterprises, commercial or financial companies, as well as public and state administration organizations or consulting and non-profit companies. The requirements for graduates reflect the needs of business environment practice obtained based on the results of extensive surveys among companies and other organizations, which from the point of view of the degree program Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, are assumed to be as follows: a. positions in the private sector, in professions such as an economist or company controller, financial manager, analyst, purchasing or sales manager, economic consultant or project manager, both in industrial enterprises, commercial companies and financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies. b. starting and developing own business project and its management in any branch of the business environment.


Year of validity: 2024

Compulsory Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSMicroeconomics IIExamination5
1ZSBusiness ModelsExamination4
1ZSService EconomyExamination4
1ZSManagement Accounting 2Examination5
1ZSFirm Innovation PolicyExamination4
1ZSReengineering of Enterprise ProcessesExamination4
1ZSQuantitative Decision-making MethodsExamination5
1LSMacroeconomics IIExamination5
1LSEnterprise Economics 3Examination5
1LSBusiness Support and SustainabilityExamination5
1LSBusiness Economics Information SystemsExamination4
1LSRisk managementExamination5
2ZSTax System and Financial LawExamination4
2ZSBasics of International AccountingExamination5
2ZSConcepts of Business ThinkingExamination4
2ZSMaster´s Thesis SeminarCourse credit2
2ZSLaw for Economists 2Examination4
2ZSEconometricsClassified course credit (exam)4
2LSExpert Discussion: Final ExaminationFinal state exam0
2LSMaster´s Thesis Preparation and Work PlacementCourse credit30

Compulsory Foreign Language Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1LSBusiness EnglishClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSGerman for BusinessClassified course credit (exam)3

Compulsory-optional Courses

A student chooses from the offer of COMPULSORILY OPTIONAL SUBJECTS - group 1 - subjects for minimum of 4 credit.

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSMoney and Capital MarketsExamination4
1ZSMarketing CommunicationExamination4
1ZSInternational MarketingExamination4
1LSCorporate ValuationExamination4
2ZSLogistics 2Examination5
ZSBehavioral EconomicsClassified course credit (exam)3
ZSDigital EconomyExamination3
ZSBusiness EthicsClassified course credit (exam)3
ZSStrategic ManagementExamination4
LSFirms and CompetitivenessClassified course credit (exam)3
LSBata´s Management SystemClassified course credit (exam)3
LSEcological Aspects of Business DecisionClassified course credit (exam)3
LSAspects of Project ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3