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Educational goals

The main goal of the degree program Management and Marketing is to prepare students for their work in the private, public and non-profit sphere in middle and senior management positions, making independent and comprehensive decisions while applying a systematic and creative approach to problem-solving. Based on knowledge and application of selected theoretical concepts, procedures and methods with the subsequent choice of the appropriate method of adaptation to systemic changes and global trends and resistance to external and internal risks, the students should also be prepared for subsequent doctoral studies in the field or related. The aim of the study is to acquire professional knowledge, skills and general competencies in the areas of management and marketing, including their specifics, which will enable graduates to orient themselves in professional problems focused on management, marketing, design management and public administration management. Another goal of the study is acquiring the necessary professional skills that will enable the acquired knowledge in an independent, creative and ethical way in professional practice, aimed at the acquisition of new information and their reflection, leading to the development of new approaches and methods of management and marketing. Then, it is acquiring the necessary general skills that will enable graduates to hold managerial positions together with applying their language skills to operate in a globalizing international environment, considering the need for self-development and education, coordination of activities, teamwork and awareness of responsibility for their decisions not only to the organization but also to society. Last but not least, an understanding of the general context between the disciplines studied and the acquisition of the ability to use and further develop the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies in their professional life.

Connection to other degree programmes

The master's study program Management and Marketing is followed by the doctoral study program Economics and Management, or the doctoral study program Finance.

Admission requirements

Only the applicants who have completed a Bachelor's degree may be accepted and enrolled in the study. The condition for admission is the successful completion of the entrance exam. The entrance exam is written. The candidate will submit a written essay in English on a selected topic. The scope of the essay is set at 2,500 - 3,000 words.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

The graduate can solve issues in managerial and marketing matters of corporate and public administration units, including their basic financial issues. The graduate is thus qualified for suitable employment in middle and senior managerial and economic positions in both the corporate sphere and public administration, for example, as a marketing manager, marketing analyst or project manager. The graduate is also ready to study in a doctoral degree program.

Expected career prospects

Through the acquired soft skills and hard skills, the graduate will be competent for practical application in middle and higher managerial and economic positions in national and international industrial companies, commercial or financial companies, as well as public and state administration organizations or non-profit organizations. Furthermore, he/she will be able to quickly, efficiently and comprehensively understand and subsequently adapt to the changing global or local competitive environment. Last but not least, he/she will be able to identify emerging diverse challenges or opportunities, actively and flexibly respond to them and communicate in his/her mother tongue and a foreign language. Requirements for graduates were consulted with representatives from practice and reflect the results of an extensive survey among companies and other institutions, which from the perspective of the degree program Management and Marketing, are assumed to be as follows: a. positions in the private sector, in professions such as a marketing manager, marketing specialist, marketing analyst, social media manager, PR manager, purchasing or sales manager, product manager, designer, brand manager, marketing consultant, project manager, HR manager in industrial enterprises, commercial companies or financial institutions in the national environment, but also abroad. b. establishing and developing own business entity and its management in any branch of the business environment with an emphasis on marketing consulting.


Year of validity: 2024

Compulsory Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSMicroeconomics IIExamination5
1ZSApplied Marketing ResearchExamination4
1ZSDigital MarketingClassified course credit (exam)3
1ZSBrand ManagementExamination4
1ZSStrategic ManagementExamination4
1ZSManagement Accounting 2Examination5
1ZSBusiness Process ManagementExamination4
1ZSQuantitative Decision-making MethodsExamination5
1LSBusiness EnglishClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSMacroeconomics IIExamination5
1LSMarketing ApplicationsExamination4
1LSBusiness NegotiationClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSManagerial Information SystemExamination4
1LSRisk managementExamination5
2ZSBusiness EthicsClassified course credit (exam)3
2ZSMarketing CommunicationExamination4
2ZSInternational MarketingExamination4
2ZSHuman Resource Management 2Examination3
2ZSMaster´s Thesis SeminarCourse credit2
2ZSLaw for Economists 2Examination4
2ZSEconometricsClassified course credit (exam)4
2LSExpert debate on FSE subjects: Economics, Economical-Mathematical Methods, Management, MarketingFinal state exam0
2LSMaster´s Thesis Preparation and Work PlacementCourse credit30

Compulsory-optional Courses

A student chooses from the offer of COMPULSORILY OPTIONAL SUBJECTS group 1 - subjects for minimum of 8 credit.

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSBusiness ModelsExamination4
ZSBehavioral EconomicsClassified course credit (exam)3
ZSDigital EconomyExamination3
LSPresentation SkillsClassified course credit (exam)3
LSFirms and CompetitivenessClassified course credit (exam)3
LSValue Based ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3
LSCross Cultural ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3
LSConsumer BehaviourClassified course credit (exam)3
LSBata´s Management SystemClassified course credit (exam)3