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Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

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Educational goals

The doctoral study programme educates specialized experts in the field of material science, material engineering and technology with specialization on nanotechnologies and advanced materials based on utilization of specific nanoscale features. A graduate of this doctoral study programme is ready for independent research work and publication at global level. The goal of the study programme Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials is to educate a graduate - an expert who will be able to conduct independent scientific research and independent creative activity in the field of research and development as well as creative engineering practice, as well as university teaching, specializing in the chemistry of materials for nanotechnology and advanced materials. He will be thoroughly familiar with the current findings on the connections between the microstructure, properties and function of inorganic and organic materials and methods of their preparation, with special attention to applicable nanoscale manifestations. He will be able to further develop and apply this knowledge in a creative way. In addition to knowledge of relevant nanotechnologies and materials, the graduate will be equipped with knowledge and experience in experimental methods of characterization and analysis of nanomaterials.

Connection to other degree programmes

The doctoral study programme Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials is a successor to the university-wide doctoral study specialisation 3942V006 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, which was taught as part of the study programme of the same name P3972 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials and which was accredited in 2016 with validity until 31 August 2020. The study programme partially follows on the master's study fields of Materials Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Environmental Protection Engineering , the Chemistry and Materials Technology program, the specialisation of Polymer Engineering accredited in English.

Admission requirements

Graduates who have successfully completed their university education at the Master´s degree level and have fulfilled requirements for admission procedure may be accepted for a Ph.D. programme. Their education must be compatible with the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials program in terms of content. A master's degree in the field of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) or an engineering education with a focus on chemistry or materials technology, natural science engineering, nanomaterials is expected. Requirements for admission are regulated by Directive on Publicly Announced Admission Procedure for Doctoral Programmes in the English Language, Accredited at Tomas Bata University in Zlin.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

Graduates of the study programme Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of knowledge, targeted influence and use of the relationship between the structure and properties of materials, in connection with the characteristic size in the area of nanometers, which conditions these unique and special properties. The graduate will receive training in the field of nanotechnology, in which this dimensional scale is applied, will be equipped with knowledge in the areas of chemical and physical preparation of these advanced materials, and his expertise will be shaped by active experience in the field of characterizing the physical, chemical and biological properties of these materials. The graduate will also gain knowledge of interdisciplinary areas arising from this specialization or closely related to it. During the course of the studies, the doctoral student must demonstrate the ability to creatively solve complex professional problems and gain active experience with the presentation of their own results at international conferences and with the publication of the results of their work in high-impact journals. Graduates will be professionally prepared and linguistically equipped in their specialization for relevant application on the labor market in the country and abroad, both in research and in industrial practice. The graduate will be an expert who will be independent and creative, and will be able to work in research, development and industrial innovation. An integral part of his profile will also be the ability to do pedagogical work at the university level.

Expected career prospects

Graduates of this study program will find a wide range of applications in technology companies, research and development (such as universities, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Technology Parks, Technology Transfer Centres, Applied Research Centres, Research and Development Centres, Technology Centres, and others), in certification institutes in the positions of managers, project managers and independent researchers, especially in leading positions in research and development departments in production organizations dealing with materials processing, i.e. in the plastics and rubber industries, and related segments.


Year of validity: 2023


Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
ZSAcademic Writing 1No completion0
ZSTechnical Presentations 1No completion0
LSAcademic Writing 2No completion0
LSTechnical Presentations 2Examination0