Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Marketing Communication

Educational goals

The aim of the master's study program Marketing Communication is to expand and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in the bachelor's degree with a focus on mastering the social and scientific theoretical context, based on the current state of scientific knowledge, including full mastery of their application and effective integration of knowledge from many related fields. The study is focused on connecting educational activities with research and other creative activities in order to define and develop integrating tendencies of research activities in the field. It aims to gain knowledge of methodology for scientific, analytical and conceptual work, to gain knowledge of information technology usable in marketing communication, to understand the methodology of qualitative and quantitative marketing research and its application in performing specific tasks. Emphasis is placed on the ability of students to work independently, to understand the field of marketing communication in its broader context, to acquire of managerial knowledge and competencies. Teaching emphasizes intercultural links of marketing communication, global issues of the society and of global brands. Full-time students have the opportunity to participate as project managers, team leaders and job advisors within the Communication Agency course.

Admission requirements

The admission procedure is two-round, in the first round there is a written exam testing the knowledge of basic concepts of marketing communications and a test of knowledge of English. In the second round, an oral interview with applicants for study takes place with the aim of finding out the degree of motivation to study, personal abilities and the value of the study for further professional growth of the applicant.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

Graduates can apply their expertise in predicting the development of consumer behaviour, economic development of society, forecasting and implementing communication on social global topics. For these purposes, the faculty creates prerequisites for both the acquisition of general and special, professional knowledge and skills, and the acquisition of professional and ethical values. A graduate of the master's degree in Marketing Communication demonstrates the following general knowledge, abilities and skills: 1. The graduate can clearly formulate and express his/her thoughts and opinions in the English language; he/she is able to express himself/herself accurately, in a written and oral manner, argument in favour of his/her opinion and make public appearances. 2. The graduate has fully mastered communication skills in English, both on the general and professional level, and is able to use these skills in independent negotiations with foreign partners or customers, as well as in studying foreign professional literature. 3. The graduate is able to think independently and critically, make independent decisions, consider the implications of his decision and take full responsibility for it. He/She can justify his/her decision using convincing arguments and present it clearly. 4. In addition to being able to work in a team, the graduate will have acquired the skills necessary for team leadership and positive motivation of employees. 5. The graduate will have created a hierarchy of living and professional values that leads to the ability to manifest himself/herself as a free and responsible personality with a focus on the adoption of the fundamental principles of a democratic society. 6. The graduate understands the global context of development of society while understanding and respecting its cultural diversity. 7. The graduate will have created the ability to coexist with other people, tolerate and have consideration for other people, their cultures and values. 8. The graduate will have adopted the ethical code of professional conduct and will be aware of his/her responsibility in implementing it. 9. The graduate will have acquired habits for the continuous development of his/her professional knowledge and skills by means of lifelong learning.

Expected career prospects

The programme equips its graduate with such general and professional competences as to be able to perform management positions in communication agencies, marketing departments of companies, marketing communications departments, in state and funded organizations.


Year of validity: 2023

Compulsory Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSTheory of ArgumentationExamination4
1ZSEthicsCourse credit1
1ZSInternational MarketingExamination4
1ZSMethodology of ScienceCourse credit3
1ZSThe Origins and Development of CommunicationExamination4
1ZSPsychology in Marketing CommunicationExamination4
1ZSQualitative Research MethodsClassified course credit (exam)4
1LSCreativity in AdvertisingClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSConsumer BehaviourExamination4
1LSCross-Cultural CommunicationExamination4
1LSApplied Ethics and Moral ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSMarketing in Trade and ServicesExamination4
1LSQuantitative Research MethodsClassified course credit (exam)4
1LSMA Thesis Project 1Course credit2
2ZSIntegrated Marketing Communication in PracticeClassified course credit (exam)4
2ZSMarketing ApplicationsExamination5
2ZSSemiotics of AdvertisingClassified course credit (exam)4
2ZSStrategic Marketing PlanningExamination5
2ZSTrends in Marketing CommunicationExamination5
2ZSMA Thesis Seminar 1Course credit6
2LSMA InternshipCourse credit10
2LSMA Thesis Seminar 2Course credit8

Final State Examination

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
2LSTheory and Practice of Marketing CommunicationsFinal state exam0

Compulsory-optional Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1Design ThinkingClassified course credit (exam)3
1The Role and Function of Social Media in the Field of Marketing CommunicationClassified course credit (exam)3
1ZSBusiness English in Marketing Communications 1Classified course credit (exam)3
1ZSArts and MediaClassified course credit (exam)3
1ZSEconomicsClassified course credit (exam)3
1ZSHuman Resource ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3
1ZSPolitical MarketingClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSBusiness English in Marketing Communications 2Classified course credit (exam)3
1LSDigital Advertising SystemsClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSIntroduction to Arts ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSStrategic Brand ManagementClassified course credit (exam)3
2ZSGlobal Aspects in Marketing CommunicationsClassified course credit (exam)3
2LSCorporate Social ResponsibilityClassified course credit (exam)3
Data MiningClassified course credit (exam)3
LSMusic in Marketing CommunicationsClassified course credit (exam)2