Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Multimedia and Design

Educational goals

In terms of its type, form and graduate profile, the doctoral study program Multimedia and Design is in accordance with the mission and strategic plan of the university - Implementation Plan of the Strategic Plan of TBU in Zlín for 2020 and other strategic documents of the university. The aim of the study is a comprehensive professional training of graduates in the field of free and applied arts and a wide range of related and linked fields. The curriculum places emphasis on the development of the students' talent in the widest possible range of artistic, design and multimedia areas and their combination. An integral part are general, professional and theoretical requirements in the field of creative activities, communication and language competencies, as well as the implementation and presentation of original works. The study is highly individual, with great emphasis on the independence of students, the originality of their work and the diversity of approaches in selected artistic disciplines. High demands placed on students guarantee their subsequent competence and employability on a global scale. At the end of the study, knowledge is demonstrated during a state doctoral examination. Students present artistic and scientific results in a dissertation, which they defend in front of a commission.

Admission requirements

The basic condition for admission to the doctoral study program is a duly completed master's degree education at a university-type higher education institution in the Czech Republic, or of an equivalent study program taught abroad, this study program being a programme in arts or in a field related to fine and multimedia arts, or in teaching art education for the second stage of primary or secondary schools. Applicants must have a Mgr. or a MgA degree. The study is open to applicants who meet the requirements of the admission procedure and demonstrate appropriate professional knowledge and creative skills during an entrance exam. Applicants fill in and submit an electronic application available at https://apply.utb.cz and attach all required documents by a date specified by the Dean and published on the website https://fmk.utb.cz/cs/studium/how-to-study/degree-studies/degree-studies-in-english/admissions. The required documents are: structured curriculum vitae, proof of completion of a master's degree and its recognition in the Czech Republic, digital portfolio or other evidence of previous creative work, dissertation topic, supervisor's name and written proof of the supervisor's preliminary consent to supervise the dissertation, a research proposal for doctoral studies, a document proving the applicant's knowledge of English (at least B2 according to CEFR), and two letters of recommendation. The entrance exam takes place without the presence of the candidate and consists in a comprehensive evaluation of the submitted documents. Candidates are informed of the results of the admission procedure immediately after each meeting of the examination and admission committee by means of a registered letter. A copy of the written decision is also sent via e-mail to the applicant by the TBU International Department.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

The graduate is be prepared for full-fledged and professional activities of creative, authorial or research character, especially in academia, industry, cultural institutions, education, media and institutions dealing with advertising, consulting, etc. Doctoral studies give graduates professional skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of creative and research work, contributing to their successful career in academia and on the labour market. The quality of the study is to be at a comparable level with doctoral programs at top Czech and foreign universities in similar areas of education, while significant attention is be paid to the specialization of individual students. During their study, students will acquire the following professional knowledge, skills and other general competences: - General communication and presentation skills (in English). The graduate is familiar with the methodologies of scientific work in his/her field and in related fields, applying them in a natural way during his/her professional activity, especially in publishing. - Professional approaches and systematic knowledge in their field. During the study, graduates will gain knowledge in both diachronic and synchronous theoretical backgrounds in a wide range of free art, design and multimedia. They develop special knowledge in compulsory elective courses, which are offered in the curriculum and are suitable for developing their creative skills. Part of the doctoral study is the completion of a professional internship at a professionally related institution abroad, where students gain valuable experience both for their own creative career and for sharing during the pedagogical process. - Theoretical foundation in the field of art and publishing. Graduates are able to present the results of their creative artistic work by means of a historically and scientifically more extensive professional text, which will be accepted for publication in a renowned journal or independently in the form of a monograph.