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Chemistry of Food and Bioactive Compounds

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Educational goals

Based on the current state of scientific knowledge, the aim of the study is to provide theoretical education and laboratory skills in advanced organic chemistry, methods of structural analysis, analytical separation techniques, food analysis and the study of properties and structure of chemicals. Students will gain not only deep theoretical knowledge in the application of instrumental methods, but also the ability to use independently selected instruments and interpret the results. Considerable emphasis is also placed on understanding and recognizing the relationships between chemicals and on evaluating the influence of external conditions. Students will learn to apply this knowledge in solving practical problems in the fields of chemistry and analysis of food, additives and food supplements and further related areas. The aim of the study in this programme is also the cultivation of free thinking, independent scientific research and comprehensive support of the creative spirit.

Connection to other degree programmes

The study programme Chemistry of Food and Bioactive Substances follows on from the bachelor's study programme Analysis and Technology of Food, accredited at the Faculty of Technology, TBU in Zlín. In general, this master's degree programme can be a suitable alternative for graduates of a number of different bachelor's or master's degree programmes, especially in the fields of education of Chemistry, Food or a combination of both. After graduation, graduates have the opportunity to continue their doctoral studies, such as the study programmes of Food Chemistry and Technology or Chemistry and Technology of Materials, accredited at the Faculty of Technology, TBU in Zlín.

Admission requirements

One of the conditions for admission to study in a Master's programme is the due completion of study a Bachelor's programme. The rules for admissions and the conditions for admission to study are laid down in the relevant regulation issued by the Faculty of technology in compliance with the Higher Education Act.

Additional information about admission procedure

Graduate profile

Graduates of the study programme Chemistry of Food and Bioactive Substances have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of both natural and synthetic substances occurring in food, necessary for their characterization, isolation, analytical determination and interpretation of the obtained results. They also have the prerequisites for the application of acquired knowledge and skills in areas related to food research, food supplements and other chemicals used in the food industry, in the chemistry of nutraceuticals and functional foods, as well as in food authentication and adulteration. They have the necessary knowledge of legislation related to food practice. They are qualified to apply computer technology and independently use modern and advanced laboratory methods or sophisticated instruments not only in the field of analysis of food and bioactive substances, but also in the field of organic and supramolecular chemistry. Graduates are also able to design and apply procedures leading to the optimization of conditions for the determination of various types of analytes or to apply appropriate solutions in the synthesis of biologically active organic compounds. Last but not least, they are also prepared for the professional management of high school graduates working in laboratories.

Expected career prospects

The master's study programme Chemistry of Food and Bioactive Substances educates experts who find an employment in research and analytical laboratories of companies in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, research institutions or state supervisory authorities.


Year of validity: 2022

Compulsory Courses

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSAnalysis and Evaluation of FoodstuffsExamination5
1ZSFood Chemistry IIExamination4
1ZSChemistry of Food Additives and SupplementsExamination3
1ZSLaboratory Course of Separation MethodsCourse credit2
1ZSSeparation MethodsExamination3
1ZSBranch Seminar ICourse credit2
1LSEnglish in chemistry of food and bioactive compoundsExamination2
1LSAnalysis of Bioactive Coumpounds in FoodExamination4
1LSField TripCourse credit1
1LSLaboratory Course of Chemistry of Food Additives and SupplementsClassified course credit (exam)2
1LSBranch Seminar IICourse credit2
1LSSemestral Project IClassified course credit (exam)4
1LSSupramolecular ChemistryClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSTheory and Methods of Structural AnalysisExamination4
1LSMolecular BiologyExamination4
2ZSApplication of NMR in the Analysis of Food and Bioactive SubstancesExamination4
2ZSInterpretation of Chromatographic and Spectral DataExamination4
2ZSBranch Seminar IIICourse credit2
2ZSSemestral Project IIClassified course credit (exam)5
2ZSLegislation in Food Industry IIExamination5
2LSMaster ThesisCourse credit30

Compulsory-optional Courses I

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSMethods of Organic Materials SynthesisExamination5
1ZSAdvanced Laboratory TechniqueClassified course credit (exam)3
1LSMedicinal ChemistryExamination3
2ZSBioactive Heterocyclic CompoundsExamination4
2ZSStructure and Symmetry of MoleculesClassified course credit (exam)3

Compulsory-optional Courses II

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSFunctional FoodsExamination3
1ZSPrinciples of Food PreservationExamination6
1LSChemistry of NutraceuticsExamination3
2ZSAcademic Skills in EnglishClassified course credit (exam)2
2ZSBusiness Activities IIClassified course credit (exam)2
2ZSAuthentication and Falsification of FoodExamination4
2ZSTrends in Gastronomy IIExamination4
2ZSPhysical Characteristics of FoodClassified course credit (exam)3
2ZSFood Stabilisers and EmulsifiersExamination4
2ZSSensory Analysis of FoodClassified course credit (exam)4

Compulsory-optional Courses III

Year of studySemesterNameType of terminationNumber of credits
1ZSFood MicrobiologyExamination4
1ZSFood Technology IExamination5
1ZSBiomaterials IExamination4
1LSTrends in Gastronomy IClassified course credit (exam)2
1LSExperiment Evaluation IIClassified course credit (exam)2
1LSFood Technology IIExamination5